Arai GP-6S Auto Racing Helmet SA2015

Arai GP-6S Auto Racing Helmet SA2015

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The Arai GP-6S is the Sport helmet in the Arai GP series of helmets. The GP-6S is the ideal mid-range helmet that will provide the same safety, performance and style that is found in the top level GP-6 at a more affordable price.

As you can see the GP-6S shares the same shell shape as the GP-6RC and GP-6 PED while using the same shields, tear offs, and accessories as the helmets at the top of the Arai range. 

The GP-6S uses the same single intake and exhaust ventilation that was found on the GP-5K however, the vent size has been increased to 10 mm for greater ventilation.

The helmet shell has been construction using Arai's "cLc" or Complex Laminated Construction to preserve the helmet's light weight design and maintain optimum strength and flexibility.

Just like the GP-6RC and GP-6 PED helmets, the GP-6S uses Arai's soft EPS helmet liner for maximum comfort and impact energy management. This allows you to enjoy the same level of comfort that everyone has come to expect from Arai.
The GP-6S helmets utilize the new SAH2010 HANS M6 terminals for simple anchor installation.

The GP-6S is now available in a matte black colorway called "Black Frost" as well as the traditional white.
Key Features:

- Arai's shield lock is designed to provide a positive lock on the shield and still allow for standard and simple shield operation.

- The larger eye port on the GP-6S is designed to allow for an increase in peripheral vision.

- All of the Arai 6 Series helmets share the same shields, pivot kits, aero devices, tear offs and accessories.

- The 10 mm single air intake and exhaust provide an increased airflow over the previous generation GP-5K

- The GP-6S uses the new HANS SAH standard with factory installed M6 terminal internal in the helmet for proper post anchor installation

- The redesigned chin bar and ridge along the lower portion of the helmet are designed to improve the structural integrity of the helmet shell and lower the helmets center of gravity. 

- FIA 8859-2015 & Snell SA2015 Certification


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