Auto Racing Helmet Buyer's Guide - 2016

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Auto Racing Helmet Buyer's Guide - 2016
Choosing the best auto racing helmet for you needs can be confusing considering all of the options that are on the market today. We have compiled a list of our ideal choices for various types of racing, budgets and driver needs. Please feel free to look through this list and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Best Overall Helmet - FIA 8860 Certification

Arai has been developing helmets for the top level of auto racing for years. When it comes to the absolute best in safety, comfort, reliability and performance the GP-6RC is the way to go. There is a reason that so many professional drivers all over the world in Formula 1, IndyCar and numerous other series trust the Arai GP-6RC to keep them safe in the cockpit.

Best Helmet for Road Racing - Carbon - SA2015

Stilo has come on to the scene with a fury in the last few years with their amazing helmets that offer huge customization. The ST5 GT Carbon can be easily configured to include radio communication as well as forced air and hydration systems. Even with all of these features, the ST5 GT Carbon is remarkably lightweight. It's easy to see why Stilo has become a favorite of NASCAR and closed cockpit sportscar drivers everywhere.

Best Helmet for Road Racing - Composite

The Stilo ST5 GT Composite offers all of the same levels of customization as the carbon version in a composite shell. It's pretty easy to see why this is our favorite for the road racing composite helmet category. You get all of the same features as the carbon version of the ST5 GT helmet in a less expensive composite shell.

Best Helmet for Formula Car Racing

The Bell Racing name has been synonymous with top quality driver protection for more than 50 years. Bell has enjoyed numerous victories worldwide in every type of motorsport including F1 and IndyCar. The RS-7 Carbon offers the latest in Bell technology with a lightweight shell, advanced aerodynamics, and fantastic ventilation to name just a few. If open wheel formula car racing is your forte then the Bell RS-7 Carbon is the helmet for you. Bell also produces a composite version of the RS-7 if you don't want to go with a full carbon helmet just yet.

Best Stock Car / Forced Air Helmet

Simpson helmets have been a favorite of stock car drivers for years because of their top quality construction and comfort. The Air Inforcer Shark lives up to the Simpson reputation with a low profile top forced air system that will allow you to focus on the track while cool fresh air is being pumped into your helmet. One great thing to note about all Simpson helmets is that they are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Best Helmet for Dirt Track Racing

The Bell GTX.3 has been designed specifically for the harsh environment of dirt track racing. The GTX.3 has rear facing chin bar vents and no top vents to eliminate dirt and dust flying into the helmet while you are on the track. The lightweight carbon shell also features a built-in rear wing to help aero performance while you are flying around the track. The aggressive styling and features in this carbon helmet are also available in a less expensive composite shell version if you don't want to go with a carbon shell.

Best All Around Helmet for Any Type of Racing

The Arai GP-6S helmet is a true workhorse that is ideal for virtually any type of auto racing and even karting. The GP-6S features a lightweight composite shell and super plush interior. The versatility of this helmet is unmatched with its classic design and ability to work in any motorsport environment. As with all Arai helmets, the GP-6S provides the maximum safety and performance for the driver. The best thing about the Arai GP-6S is that it out-performs helmets that cost quite a bit more. If you want the best all around helmet then look no further than the Arai GP-6S!

Best Inexpensive Carbon Helmet

The Zamp line of helmets offer high-end features and performance at a budget-friendly price. The RZ-44C boasts a carbon shell packed with features such as included aerodynamic wings, removable liner, Tri-Tech air and ventilation system as well as noise canceling ear muffs. Zamp as truly provided a carbon shell helmet at an exceptional price. The Zamp RZ-44C is also available in forced air and dirt track configurations to suit nearly all forms of racing. While you might not see Zamp helmets on Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers, you sure will see them on a ton of drivers at race tracks all across the country.

Best Entry-Level Helmet

Zamp helmets are known for the exceptional value for money and the RZ-58 helmet is no exception. The RZ-58 is designed as an entry level SA2015 helmet that works for anyone just starting out in racing or taking a car out for track days. The RZ-58 features a lightweight fiberglass shell along with front and top ventilation. The Zamp RZ-58 is a super affordable SA2015 helmet with a price under $200.00. The RZ-58 is also easily adapted to run a top forced air configuration.

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