Schroth Profi II SFI 16.5 Racing Harness

Schroth Profi II SFI 16.5 Racing Harness

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The Schroth Profi II SFI 16.5 racing harness was designed for use in NASCAR and Stock car applications. The Profi II SFI 16.5 features the new SL88 lap adjuster that is incorporated into the Camlock buckle. This is much better from an ergonomic standpoint as you don't have any webbing or stitching between the buckle and the adjuster allowing you to use pull down belts in very small spaces. You won't be frustrated by not being able to tighten your belts because the adjuster is hitting the seat. Not only that, these adjusters are some of the smoothest adjusting pieces we've ever seen yet they pass all applicable tests for micro slip under load.

The main reason for the 2" lap belt because a 2" belt rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3" belt would rest on the edges. This simple design allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter so that the lap belt will be working earlier in and accident because it gets loaded faster. It's also more comfortable and easier to adjust because there's less friction through the adjuster.

Add this 2" lap belt to the already impressive features that distinguish the Schroth harness from the rest of the competition and you end up with an easy choice for your racing harness.

The Profi Style harnesses feature the T-bar sub strap style and HANS specific 2" to 3" shoulder belts .

- SFI 16.5 Approved

- Slipstop Technology For Positive HANS Location

- 3" to 2" Wide Shoulder Straps With Quick Adjusters

- 2" Wide Lap Straps With Flexi Belt System

- Pull down lap adjusters on both sides

- Included mounting hardware

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